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It's Time to Retire Ambulance 3879

In its seven years of service to our community, 3879 has traveled more than 90,000 miles, and has responded to 5,500 emergencies. More than 100 new EMTs and Paramedics have learned and honed their skill while working on this ambulance; many continue their practice at PVA and surrounding ambulance services.

While our crews are focused primarily on the Pittsford community, EMTs and Paramedics operating this ambulance have also responded to support our neighbors in Perinton, Penfield, East Rochester, Brighton, Henrietta, Rush, Honeoye Falls, and Mendon.

As a result of the 5,500 responses made on this ambulance, 3879 has served:

  • More than 1,500 patients from motor vehicle collisions
  • More 1,000 injuries ranging from minor to multi-system trauma
  • 670 patients who experienced a fall (with or without significant injury)
  • 350 responses in pandemic conditions (COVID-19)
  • Roughly 200 stand-by events in support of Fire and Law Enforcement operations, school and professional sports, community gatherings and tours, and community education / demonstrations
  • 103 patients experiencing a stroke
  • 78 patients experiencing an acute cardiac emergency
  • 64 patients experiencing allergic reactions
  • 45 patients experiencing cardiac arrest, including 6 patients who were resuscitated by EMTs and Paramedics in the field
  • 4 obstetrics cases, including 1 childbirth in the field
  • 1 canal rescue

3879 is the last of the 'large-module' ambulances operated by PVA. Specifications for this ambulance were developed by long-serving members Don and Kay Hammond, and were a standard for many area ambulance services. 3879 will be the last custom-designed, large-mod ambulance to receive their stamp of approval - the end of an era.

3879 is being replaced by a newer and more efficient ambulance, meeting current standards for patient and crew safety. While less expensive than previous models and more economical to operate, the new ambulance will cost $121,000 to place in service. Your donations help us to ensure our new ambulance is as prepared as 3879 has been to serve the community.

Please consider donating to help with the replacement ambulance.

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