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Congratulations to PVA member Brian Bartolick, Harriet C. Weber EMS Leadership Award recipient!

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Congratulations to PVA member Brian Bartolick, Harriet C. Weber EMS Leadership Award recipient!

On April 14, Brian received the Harriet C. Weber EMS Leadership Award at the 2018 STEP Conference awards breakfast. This award was given to Brian in recognition of his service as an EMS Agency leader that exemplifies longevity, innovation/dedication, responsibility, executive and management skills in establishing, maintaining, promoting or expanding EMS organizations, agencies, committees at the community and/or state level.


Brian has been involved in EMS for nearly 30 years. Throughout his career, he has served as:


- Paramedic (NYS, PA, NREMT-P)

- Firefighter, line officer, Chief Officer, Fire Chief

- EMS line officer, manager, Chief Officer

- Educator, including AHA, NAEMT, development and administration of high-fidelity simulation training


Brian maintains a positive reputation within the local Fire and EMS services; he is regarded as a forward-thinking, no-nonsense professional. This reputation helps Brian transcend the biases and rivalries of the Fire and EMS professions, allowing him to build consensus on Fire and EMS services interoperability. Brian is also a highly respected educator, who has developed high-fidelity simulation and didactic training programs used in the Monroe-Livingston Region.

Most recently, Brian serves as the Clinical Care Manager at Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance (PVA) and Southeast Quadrant MCCU (SEQ). Under his leadership, Brian has solidified the clinical providers at PVA and SEQ, encouraging a positive atmosphere wherein providers are empowered to make smart clinical decisions, and encouraged to grow as professionals.

His philosophy and consistent approach has built confidence within the providers at PVA and SEQ; a platform on which Brian will continue to lead and our agency to grow. While his current role is based in clinical performance, Brian's credibility and influence extend beyond the limitations of this role.

The PVA Operations leadership team relies heavily on Brian's experience, pragmatic advice and guidance to stay the course, and avoid pitfalls otherwise likely explored. Brian's credibility and skill as a leader has been essential in building and maintaining the PVA and SEQ team at all levels.

Brian's contributions to operational leadership, clinical performance, and organizational confidence are a significant reason for the successes PVA and SEQ have achieved throughout the past year. His philosophy and clinical leadership have contributed to the retention of experienced Paramedics and EMTs, which permits PVA and SEQ to maintain high clinical performance.

Brian’s contributions will result in improved service to the Pittsford community, and a stronger ability for PVA to support neighboring communities and agencies. Brian is a keystone contributor to the development of our agency, and our meaningful participation in the local EMS system.

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