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Help Flatten The Curve with Social Distancing

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Help Flatten The Curve with Social Distancing

Pittsford Ambulance continues to monitor the dynamic COVID-19 pandemic. We remain ready to assist emergency 911 calls, and continue to support our peers and partner organizations.

You can help us:

#FlattentheCurve - what does this mean? The ‘curve’ refers to the intensity of community infection and associated healthcare demand over time. A rapid spike in the curve indicates demand for healthcare may overwhelm hospitals and healthcare infrastructure. Flattening the curve reduces the intensity of community infection, which supports the capability of healthcare systems to meet demand. This representation shows how protective measures like social distancing help us reduce rates of infection. Please follow local guidance, help us reduce community spread, and support our ability to help those in need.

We have all been asked to stay at home if you don’t need to be out. This is an important mechanism to promote social distancing and also control community spread of this virus. The graphic at the start of this message reinforces the concept of social distancing and how this practice reduces potential for community spread of this virus. Staying home is a challenge. Stick it out – help us reduce the potential for community spread.

Please continue to help us Flatten the Curve. Wash your hands, stay home, and stay healthy!

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