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Best wishes in your new endeavors, Heather Bellenger!

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Best wishes in your new endeavors, Heather Bellenger!

After 24 years of service, EMT Heather Bellenger is hanging up her stethoscope. Heather has served more than 9 years as an EMT, and 15 years as a Paramedic. Heather has worked in the City of Rochester, in Gates, Greece, Pittsford and surrounding communities. Following a career that is nearly 5-times longer than the average career-span for an EMS professional, Heather is moving on to new opportunities.

“Next to creating a life the finest thing a man can do is save one.”

- Abraham Lincoln

EMTs and Paramedics see the world through a unique lens. Our patients all have unique needs; illness and injury, emotional distress, social and economic hardship, and situations difficult to imagine often serve as the backdrop for our work. We also get to see people - our patients - at their very best, their enduring spirit and individuality persevering over circumstances that can be difficult to witness.

Throughout their careers, all EMTs and Paramedics will complete dozens of hours of clinical and operational training, continuously updating and validating our proficiencies. Heather’s 24 years include hundreds of thousands of miles traveled in responses, thousands of hours caring for patients, hundreds of hours spent training, and an impact on an unknown number of lives.

It takes a special man or woman to serve in the Ambulance Service. Heather is one of the few – one of us. She has shared our unique experience of serving in close quarters on an ambulance, mending the emotions and broken bones, addressing social needs, delaying death, preserving life.

Heather, we’re proud to have worked with you, and honored you chose to serve on our team. Best wishes in your new endeavors!

- Jonathan D. Smith

Chief, Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance

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