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Welcome to PVA, Abigail Latini!

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Welcome to PVA, Abigail Latini!

Abigail Latini:

"I’m here pursuing a nursing degree at St. John Fisher, which I chose partially for their great nursing program but mostly for their delicious food and proximity to Pittsford Farms Dairy."

"I started as a volunteer EMT in my hometown about a year ago. When I came back to college last fall after a long Covid vacation, I found myself missing EMS, and started looking for a company to join. I chose PVA for their great reputation in the community. PVA has been an awesome place for me to learn and practice a lot of new skills with a great group of people that are always willing to share what they love to do."

Abigail is a Pittsford transplant originally from Lodi NY, right smack dab in the middle of the Seneca Lake Scenic Byway.

Welcome to the team, Abigail!

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