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Governance Team

PVA Board of Directors

John Oberlies, President

Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance, Inc. (PVA) is governed by a Board of nine Directors, as established by the corporation’s bylaws and elected by the corporation's members. The Directors include both volunteer corporation members and independent non-members. Over time it is anticipated that the number of independent Directors will increase relative to the number of member Directors.

The President of PVA, with the advice and consent of the remaining Directors, appoints the Director of Operations. All Directors on the Board work together to elect the other Officers of the corporation, set policy, and establish goals.

Each member of the Board of Directors are fiduciaries who are held accountable to protect the corporation’s assets and assure that the corporation's resources are used successfully for the purpose for which the corporation is organized, ensure its long term viability, and to review, approve, and implement the current business plan. In addition, the Board actively monitors the performance of Operations management, and establishes committees with specific functions and tasks that include PVA members as well as Directors.