Always call 911 in an emergency

Skilled hands. Cool heads. Caring hearts.

Operations Leadership

Jonathan D. Smith,
Director of Operations
Brian Bartolick,
Clinical Care Manager
Michael Meyer,
Training Manager

The Director of Operations, the “DO”, is appointed by the president with the advice and counsel of the remaining Directors. He is the chief operating Officer of the corporation, reports directly to the president, regularly attends Board meetings, and is responsible for the readiness, delivery and quality of first response emergency medical services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The DO manages the organization and coordinates its resources and activities to achieve the corporation’s purposes in a manner that implements Board policies and achieves the goals and objectives set forth in the Board-approved business plan.

The DO also hires and appoints staff to specific operating functions to assist in his duties. This includes two managers that report directly to the DO; the Clinical Care Manager and the Training Manager. A corps of highly skilled Shift Supervisors oversee many additional programs, and support our EMTs and Paramedics in their responses within the community.

Operations Team

In 2016, Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance received 2,781 calls for service. Our responses were provided by a combined staff of employees and volunteers, through our partnership with Southeast Quadrant MCCU.

Staffing includes 38 EMTs, 32 Paramedics, and 20 Dispatchers.