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Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance In Action

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Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance In Action

EMT Sam Cooperman and Paramedic Adrielle Watkins were out patrolling the Pittsford community on Saturday. Of their own volition they stopped at local yard sales, checking in on folks and offering demonstrations. The included photo is the result: EMT Sam Cooperman, demonstrating equipment and showing off the ambulance for a group of interested youngsters. While Adrielle is not shown, she was undoubtedly engaged with this group and all others our team encountered.

Our agency's greatest asset is our members. Each day, men and women like Sam and Adrielle demonstrate the value of human interaction, conversation, and education. Their engagement builds trust and confidence in our service. We are ready to help whenever needed.

Adrielle, Sam - great work! Your service is a true asset to PVA and the Pittsford community.

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